Folsom Snake Fence

this image shows snake fence in Folsom, California

So why is a good Sacramento County snake fence important? The answer is dangerous snakes. While not as common as decades ago, there are still rattlesnakes in the Sacramento Valley and environs. They occasionally make it to urban areas, where they can become a problem if they find their way into backyards or other areas where people congregate. Having a professional snake fence installed by Folsom Fencing Contractor means a properly designed, constructed, and maintained fence that will safely protect people from harmful snakes.

The trick with snake fences is to be high enough, so their tops are beyond rattlesnake striking range. This may sound easy, but it’s not. Snakes are good climbers, especially when they can get a purchase on something or someone. They are also persistent. If they get their fangs into something—or someone—they will do what it takes to hang on. A big snake can fling itself up high enough to hit or even bite something over its head, but this is rare. Most snakes just climb until they reach the top of their world, then they hunker down and wait.

Snake fences have to be high enough that the reptiles can’t go over or under them or slither between slats. They also need to be sturdy enough so they won’t come loose because of rattlesnakes pushing, flinging, climbing, or thrashing about–or children playing nearby.

Snake Fence Material

The most common material used for a snake fence is wire mesh. This mesh is sturdy, and it can be made in finely meshed or coarser varieties, depending on the snake-proofing needs of the structure to be fenced. The wire mesh is cut into long “panels” that are then formed into a fence with posts attached directly to the concrete pad upon which they will sit or by using fittings to allow for expansion and contraction.

Snake fence mesh can also be made of vinyl. This is a material that can be very attractive, and it does not rust. It also doesn’t have the durability of steel mesh, especially in cool climates.

Snake Fence Design

When properly designed and constructed, snake fences are wholly enclosed (except for gates), made of steel or other solid materials impenetrable by snakes. Solid walls all around leave no gaps through which snakes can get into the area being fenced or out of it. A tall, solid fence with no gaps is a great defense against snakes—except maybe for children who may want to go over the top of the fence just to see what’s on the other side. At Folsom Fencing Contractor, you can always get a long-lasting, reliable snake fence for your home.

Some snake fences have two tall walls with a space between them. As long as there are no gaps, this construction keeps snakes from getting into the protected area and children out of it. But there are gaps where the two walls join at their tops. They aren’t big enough for a snake to get through—but they would let a child’s arm or leg slide right through, and risk snake bite if poisonous snakes were present.

We know we can’t do much about snakes in Sacramento and environs other than to discourage them–when we see them, that is. But we can take measures to keep our children safe from snakebite by carefully considering where and how they play outdoors. Just as importantly, we can put in good snake fences to keep dangerous snakes out of neighborhoods and child-friendly backyards.

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